Heim Frost comprises a collection of photographs, a logbook, and a two-channel video produced after being in residence aboard a transpacific freighter traveling from Port Metro, Vancouver to the Port of Shanghai. 

The video presents recounted narratives told by Johannes Elmar Streicher, during his position as Second Officer aboard transpacific freighter: the Hanjin Brussels. It explores notions of visibility, remembrance, authorship and displacement. It engages the personal, intimate and in some instances crude anecdotes of Streicher occurring within larger and more complex contexts pertaining to the global shipping industry and labor rights. 

This work was supported by Access Gallery for Twenty-Three Days at Sea, a travelling artist residency. 

May-July 2016 Twenty-Three Days at Sea, Chapter One: Nour Bishouty, Christopher Boyne, Elisa Ferrari, Amaara Raheem - Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC